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A vast expertise in training

The creation of usable knowledge is a fundamental objective of our project. We designed different  training modules in response to invitations and requests we received from a broad range of institutions. Here are some examples of the training we developed. Contact us if you want to develop your own module. 

Sample of training courses

All courses can be designed as residential or online.

The modules draw on our research, the data we collected for Protego, the lessons learned by comparing the experience of 28 countries. The instructors are members of the core team and experts that collaborated with us in Protego and other projects.

The duration of these modules varies. The minimum format is what we call the ‘raising awareness module’ where in one day we introduce the topic to policy-makers and/or students who do not have prior knowledge. The extended format lasts five days, with comparative experiences, testimonies from experts in the field, know-how sessions and tools.

All courses are delivered in ways that do not presuppose a background in economics, law or political science because they are taught in an original format oriented towards the utilization of legal and economic policy instruments in public policy processes.

Protego can support you in creating a set of training courses on the following topics

  • Consultation
  • Freedom of Information
  • Judicial Review
  • Ombudsman
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Ex-post regulatory evaluation
  • Global regulatory performance management and regulatory indicators
  • Policy analysis for scientists involved in public policy processes