Jonathan Kamkhaji

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Jonathan Kamkhaji

Post-doctoral research fellow

Jonathan works at the Department of Engineering Management of the Politecnico of Milan as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. His research interests include Public Policy, Policy Analysis, Public Administration, Political Economy, European Integration and Research Methods.

He has published research articles in Journal of European Public Policy, Regulation & Governance, International Public Management Journal and European Journal of Risk Regulation. He has also worked as a policy consultant for the World Bank in a number of development projects and recently published, for the Bank’s Policy Research Working Paper Series, the first systematic study on the diffusion of Impact Assessment in developing countries.

Within Protego, in his capacity of data steward, Jonathan coordinated the Pan-European data collection effort. In detail, he conceptualised the data collection methodology and protocols, liaised with the sub-contracted legal researchers in the field, provided them with training and guidance, ensured the quality of their protocol submissions and constructed the project’s databases. He is co-author of all the main original research products of the project and took part to various conferences and workshops to disseminate the project’s findings.

When he is not working, Jonathan is the epitome of a layman. He likes football (Inter Milan), cooking and eating Italian regional food with his family and friends, dogs, Swiss automatic watches and tropical beaches.