Claudio M. Radaelli

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Claudio M. Radaelli

Principal Investigator

Claudio is Chair of Transnational Governance, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, where he teaches policy analysis and policy design and contributed to the executive training programme of the School. He is on long leave of absence from University College London. Claudio holds a double degree in economics and social sciences from Bocconi University and a PhD in political science.

Claudio’s research interests lie in learning in public policy (his first ERC advanced grant was on Analysis of Learning in Regulatory Governance, ALREG), regulatory indicators, regulation, EU public policy and its impact on domestic policy. Claudio has also published on research design in the social sciences. He is the chief editor of the International Review of Public Policy (IRPP). Currently, Claudio chairs the scientific committee of the Osservatorio Analisi di Impatto della Regolazione (Rome) and sits on the Executive Committees of ECPR Regulation & Governance (past-chair), International Public Policy Association and International Association for Legislation.

He provides an annual workshop on Regulatory Reform at the College of Europe in Bruges and offers a residential doctoral course on A World of Rules at the Winter School of the International Public Policy Association. He has trained officers from 25 countries on regulatory impact assessment.

Claudio is passionate about music, meditation and nonviolence.