Webinar: Disclosure by Algorithm

11 March 2021 @ 17:30 - 19:00
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As part of the 1st edition of the #LAW and online REG TECH SEMINAR, co-organized with the LUISS DREAM research center, Claudio Radaelli is moderating the 4th webinar of the series, dedicated to: “Disclosure by Algorithm. A Computational Analysis of the DSA and DMA” and held by Fabiana Di Porto, Professor of Law, University of Salento and LUISS Univ. The webinar will take place on March 11th at 17:30 CET.

Disclosures are redundant and ineffective. Has the time come to have algorithms produce disclosure norms?

We investigate the potential of Machine Learning tools in overcoming the failures of countless disclosures (e.g. privacy notices, terms and agreements, risk information) in truly informing addressees about the issues they want to know about.

We propose a data-driven, targeted and partially automated regulatory process to make rule-making more efficient and the resulting norms more effective. After presenting our methodology, we show how this would apply in the context of the proposed EU Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act.


11 March 2021
17:30 - 19:00


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