The Governance Implications of the Pandemic

6 May 2020
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Claudio Radaelli is a panelist in the first Covid-19 interdisciplinary Symposium organized by the School of Public Policy at University College London. Covid-19 has upended daily life and revealed significant vulnerabilities, as well as strengths, in the governing capacity of both democratic and authoritarian nations. Foremost in everyone’s mind is how nations will learn from this crisis and adjust their governing capabilities and styles, as we eventually move out of lockdown.  

The speakers address several important issues and questions, such as:

  • whether we will see an overarching paradigm shift in economic policymaking;
  • what patterns of learning among policymakers we can expect; how national health systems will respond;
  • what role civil society will play in post-lockdown life; and
  • what new roles can we expect for international organisations, such as the WHO, the IMF and the World Bank.


  • Professor Wendy Carlin, Professor of Economics
  • Dr Gabriella Conti, Associate Professor of Health Economics
  • Professor Claudio Radaelli, Professor of Public Policy
  • Dr Mike Seiferling, Lecturer in Public Finance
  • Chair: Professor Jennifer Hudson, Professor of Political Behaviour and Head of Political Science Department